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Buying a new computer from a friend? Want us to take a look at it before you cough up your hard earned money? Maybe you have a system that just isn’t running right. Feel free to check your machine in for a full range of diagnostics to make sure the money you are spending is worthwhile!


Has your computer system locked up or crashed? Our retail & service center in Sedalia, MO can repair any brand of desktop or laptop. All major brands, of Desktop systems are welcome in our retail location. It doesn’t matter what brand of computer system you own, we will accurately diagnose the issue and fix your system! Prevent downtime is preventative maintenance. Replacement of critical components before failure such as power supplies, hard drives and case fans can not only keep your machine running great, but prevent expensive data recovery or motherboard replacement.


Computers are just like cars, they require yearly maintenance to keep them running correctly. If your machine is running slow, crashing frequently or just not running like it used to, now is the time to bring your machine into Precision Computer for a tune-up. We will get it running for you like the day you bought it! While you’re working with our staff, ask us for advice on upgrades to enhance the performance of your machine! Our advice is always honest, and free. With the fastest turn-around on service in the industry, you will never want to go anywhere else for computer service.


Want to make sure your computer is running the best it can? Want to help future proof your desktop or laptop computer? Want to get on the latest Microsoft operating system? We offer a full range of upgrade solutions for any make & model of PC. There is no time like the present to get the very most from your computer, and Precision Computer is here to serve you.


Owning a computer these days comes with certain risks and virus infections are one of them. Feel confident in knowing that by bringing your machine into Precision Computer for a virus removal that you are turning your machine over to the best technicians in the industry. We use the most advanced malware removal techniques to make sure your system is running as well as it did before the infection occurred.


Getting a bunch of popup ads while browsing the internet? Not getting to where you want to go online? Constantly being re-directed to random websites or being asked to download random files? Bring your desktop or laptop into Precision Computer. Most adware and malware removal jobs take only 24 to 48 hours from start to finish. With service that fast you will be back to browsing in no time.


Accidently delete a file and need it recovered? Maybe you have a hard drive or memory card that was formatted, but you need the data that was lost. We have a wide variety of data recovery tools available to get your data back. If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive solution for data recovery, contact Precision Computer and allow us to explain all the methods we have to get your data back to you, safe and sound.


From advanced software like AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite 5 to Intuit QuickBooks and genealogy programs, the technicians at Precision Computer have seen it all. Software issues are probably one of the most common tasks our technicians help Precision Customer with. Bring your machine in with confidence. We will get to the bottom of whatever software issue you are having.


Want to get on windows 7? Stop by Precision Computer to get your computer updated with today’s latest operating system for your desktop or laptop computer. Not only will we help you upgrade your operating system, but can import your old files and install all your software too!


Trying to get that liquid cooling radiator to fit? Maybe you could use some help securing a water pump? Even if all you’re trying to do is replace a power supply in a proprietary case, no problem is too complex for Precision Computer to handle.


Laptop won’t charge? Precision Computer is the only place in Sedalia to go for DC JACK repair. National chains refer DC jack repair business to us on a regular basis. For cost effective DC JACK REPAIR, look no further than Precision Computer.


Did your laptop take a tumble? We can source the parts and conduct the repair on any damaged laptop computer chassis.


Did your screen go black on you? Is your laptop screen cracked? You don’t have to throw it away! Precision Computer can source you a new SCREEN or inverter and get your machine back up and running for much less than the cost of a new notebook. Precision Computer is the only place in Missouri to go for fast and cost effective LCD and INVERTER replacement.


Do you have a new computer that you need your old data transferred to? Did your old machine die and you need your data transferred to an external hard drive? Precision Computer does ALL types of data transfers or data migrations. We will even help you import all of your information back to where you like it.

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