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PC Repair

Affordable Repairs For PC's and Macs

Precision Computer offers a wide array of repair and upgrade services for your desktop computer.  Whether you use your computer for business, pleasure, gaming, home theater, or any other circumstance – our team of expert technicians will be happy to diagnose and remedy any problems you might be having.  We also offer emergency data recovery and hard drive repair to restore your valuable data, including photos, videos, documents, and music.

At Precision Computer, we’re committed to providing our clients fast, friendly computer repair and upgrade services.  Whether you need virus removal, help getting acquainted with Windows, or a trusted pair of hands to upgrade or repair hardware – we’re here to help!

Most computer repairs and/or PC upgrades are done in our office; however, we also offer on-site computer repair service all over Mid-Missouri and remote computer repair service for your convenience.  We accomplish some of the fastest turnaround times and all of our PC repair services are backed by a limited 14-day warranty.

Give us a call at (660) 827-1500 or contact us online for more information!

Common Issues

  • Virus Removal - Viruses, trojans, rootkits
  • PC Tune-up - Quicken speed, increase space
  • Forgot Password - Resets, removals
  • Won’t Start - No power, Windows boot issue
  • Broken Laptop Screen - Cracked, dim, intermittent
  • Shuts Off / Overheats - Turns off, bad fan, hot
  • E-mail & Internet - Can’t email, No Internet access
  • Blue Screen - Blue screen error message
  • Bad Hard Drive - Clicking, not booting
  • Set Up New PC - Hassle-free setup, file transfer
  • Physical Damage - Case, hinges, parts
  • Power Jack - No power, loose, not charging
  • Upgrades - RAM, hard drive, operating system
  • Windows XP & Legacy OS Support - Freezing, boot issues, Compatibility
  • Windows Vista Issues - Slow, start-up, software issues
  • Windows 7 Maintenance - Errors, freezing, program problems
  • Windows 8 Repair - Restarting, hanging, driver issue
  • Training - How-to, tutorial, guides
  • Other PC Issues - Hardware, software, glitches
  • Liquid Spill - Coffee, water, wine, soda