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Network Support

Network Design and Support

Operating your computer network could be a daunting task.  Plus, you have better things to do - like running your business.  You can count on us to fix your network issues and ensure your IT network is optimized to run smoothly without downtime.

If you have a computer network issue or just want peace of mind, start with our free network assessment.  You will receive comprehensive information on the status of your business network along with helpful recommendations.

Whether you're upgrading, fixing, or starting fresh, we will ensure your network is secured and optimized for peak performance.  All updates and changes will be transparent, minimizing network downtime and maximizing your work output.

Network Installation & Support Services:

  • Server installation / upgrade / optimization
  • Company / office move & network re-installation
  • Network equipment replacements / installs
  • Wireless / network cabling installation
  • Wireless signal planning / optimization

Point-to-Point Connections:

  • Complete outdoor point-to-point network planning
  • Connect multiple buildings into one single network
  • Meshed self-configuring, scalable, self-healing options for high redundancy
  • Perfect for: public wifi, campsites, exhibitions, remote equipment monitoring